Barbara Lommen, CFP®, CDFA®

Senior Vice President, Senior Wealth Advisor



Barbara Lommen, CFP® joined Lido in 2023 as part of its partnership with Colorado Financial Management (“CFM”). She is responsible for supporting client investment and wealth planning.

Prior to joining CFM/Lido, Barbara successfully managed a biomedical research center at the Copenhagen National Hospital and at the University of Colorado at Denver.

It was while working with a financial planner on her family’s finances that Barbara realized wealth management would be the perfect vocation for her, combining her analytical skills with her genuine passion for connecting with people and providing meaningful guidance.

Her career in wealth management has focused on counseling and educating clients with a particular emphasis on empowering women who wish to either take a more active role in managing their financial lives or are going through life-altering events.

A Dutch native, Barbara is fluent in five languages and obtained an MBA from the Free University of Brussels (Belgium). She currently splits her time between her home in Denver and her ranch outside Santa Fe, NM.

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