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Gina Sanchez on Trading Nation: On GE’s Stock Hitting 3-year High

Published 03-05-2021


Lido Advisors Chief Market Strategist Gina Sanchez appeared on CNBC’s Trading Nation today to discuss GE stock hitting a three-year high.

“The sell-off really has nothing to do with GE’s fundamentals. The fundamentals tell you a story that their biggest and most profitable unit has been hit very hard, and their other largest profitable unit, which is healthcare, has expectations for sort of a flat 2021,” she said.

“If aviation doesn’t take them up and out of this hole, well power is probably not going to do it and renewables is just too small. So, a lot hinges on this outlook for aviation, and right now we’re still on the fence trying to figure out how long it will take aviation because we think that that part of the global economy will likely be the last to rebound.”

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