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Barron’s Names Lido Advisors Among Top 100 RIA Firms in 2020

Published 10-01-2020


Lido Advisors, LLC, ranked among Barron’s Top 100 Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) firms for 2020, debuting on the list at No. 52. Barron’s rankings formula for 2020 includes new metrics that take into account firms’ technology spending and staff diversity.

2020 has presented many challenges to the status quo, not least of which the COVID-19 pandemic and tensions relating to lack of diversity and inclusion. That is why, according to Barron’s, firms like Lido Advisors who remain “nimble in implementing technology and new business practices will have an advantage coming out of this tumultuous period.”

In recent years, Lido Advisors has made conscious efforts to strengthen its technology and increase the diversity of its team. This has supported Lido’s tremendous growth, encouraged innovative thinking, and allowed Lido to maintain its commitment to excellence.

“At Lido Advisors, we think of ourselves as an innovative, smart financial technology company striving to always do the right thing for our clients,” said Ken Stern, Senior Managing Director of Lido Advisors.

“That means that while we are innovative, we are not about cutting corners. We are all about being compliant, being a fiduciary to our clients and providing an enriched environment for our team,” Stern continued. “To do this, we stay smart and we innovate. We are constantly seeking to improve and evolve.”

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