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8 April 2024

Stuart Katz in Financial Advisors Magazine

Financial Advisors Magazine’s Private Wealth issue features leaders in the wealth management industry discussing their areas of expertise with in-depth question and answer pieces.  Stuart Katz, President of Lido Advisors’ Private Wealth Management division, was recently featured in the publication discussing ‘The Evolution Of The Family Office And Preparing For The Future.’

Katz explained, “Lido takes a meaningfully different approach. Our founder, Greg Kushner, ran a large single-family office before founding Lido Advisors. Jason Ozur also ran a family office before becoming CEO of Lido. They understand that running a true family office means creating a real framework to provide holistic and, most importantly, integrated advice across a variety of disciplines with the in-house expertise to consistently execute on that advice.”

To read the full article with further insights on what sets Lido’s approach apart, please visit:

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