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2 May 2023

Lido Announces the Addition of Experienced San Diego Team

Lido Advisors, LLC (“Lido”), a leading wealth management firm, announced today the addition of the experienced San Diego team of Pete Morimoto, Roy Elliott, Jon Jewitt, Sam Hoeck, and Heather O’Connor.

The team comes to Lido from First Republic Bank, where they have worked together since 2019 providing wealth management strategy. 

  • Peter Morimoto brings 26 years of experience in wealth management, with 21 years advising high-net-worth families. Prior to First Republic, he served as Senior Vice President of Investments at Wells Fargo. 
  • Roy Elliott has 22 years wealth management experience, with a focus on legacy protection. Prior to joining First Republic, he held roles as a Vice President at Wells Fargo Advisors and as a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley.
  • Jon Jewitt brings 25 years wealth management experience and a highly individualized approach to investment strategy. He previously worked as a Senior Investment Strategist at Wells Fargo and taught at San Diego State University’s Financial Markets Laboratory. 

They are joined by Sam Hoeck, CFA, and Heather O’Connor, who each worked at First Republic Bank for 4 years prior to joining Lido.

"Lido’s family office style model is an incredible fit for our clients,” said Mr. Morimoto. “The firm’s innovative investment platform, enhanced planning capabilities, and deep bench of affiliated tax and legal advisors were key components in our decision to partner with Lido.  We are excited to join such a passionate and experienced team in our shared mission of providing best-in-class insight and service to the families we work with."

“We are excited to welcome Pete, Roy, Jon, Sam, and Heather to Lido. The five of them together bring nearly a century of combined experience to our team,” said Jason Ozur, Lido’s Chief Executive Officer. "The knowledge and insight they've gained working with families in the San Diego region is essential to the standard of service we offer. With their expertise I have no doubt they’ll be an invaluable addition to our team as we continue to work at the forefront of holistic wealth strategy.” 

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