Investment Management & Asset Allocation
Management of a client’s investment portfolio requires a detailed understanding of their current financial situation as well as their risk appetite and goals, financial and beyond. From this profile, Lido designs a custom asset allocation tailored to the client which is continuously monitored and adjusted as needed to ensure that it remains aligned with the client’s needs through changes that can occur over their lifetime.
Dynamic Asset Allocation

Asset allocation describes the intentional mix of investment strategies within a client’s portfolio. Lido breaks asset allocation into three components, using the acronym ACT: alternative, core, and tactical. Each piece serves a different but equally as important role within the portfolio.

Lido approaches asset allocation dynamically by actively reviewing and managing allocations as a client’s needs evolve throughout our relationship together, not just at its onset. This process involves partnering with our client in evaluating cash flow requirements, understanding potential loss tolerances, and pursuing long-term growth objectives. The result is an allocation program that can be simultaneously opportunistic and risk-aware within the bounds of each client’s unique financial circumstances.

Active Investment Management

Each investment strategy within an asset allocation is composed of one or more underlying investments. For instance, an allocation to a core strategy can be a mix of investments in various large company stocks and bonds that combine to broadly follow overall market movement.

Lido actively manages every aspect of a client’s investment portfolio, putting great care and conducting thorough due diligence in analyzing and ultimately selecting each investment, and then monitoring it on an on-going basis. The Lido platform offers access to high-quality investment opportunities across various strategies, including:

  • Stocks & Bonds
  • Real Estate Debt & Equity
  • Private Equity & Credit

In addition, our Investment Management team manages various hedging strategies that allow us to customize risk solutions for clients with special circumstances, such as concentrated stock positions, and against market swings based on client preferences.

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