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Webinar: A Woman’s Guide to Investing Now

Published 03-17-2021


Lido Advisors will host a moderated conversation called “A Woman’s Guide to Investing Now” on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, at 12:30p PT / 3:30p ET.

Women are already crucially important in today’s financial ecosystem and their role will continue to grow and flourish. Accordingly, we are highlighting four impressive and formidable women from Lido Advisors to provide a “A Woman’s Guide to Investing Now”.

Moderator: Susan Kim, CFA, Vice President

A former investment banker of 13+ years, Susan has experience advising some of the world’s largest institutional investors and helping them weather a myriad of market conditions. She now specializes in working with high-net-worth individuals and families. Kim is a strong advocate for financial health and literacy as key components to overall wellness.


Alexandra Browne, Senior Managing Director

Having spent her career in the male-dominated worlds of science and finance, Browne is passionate about female mentorship and financial savvy. After beginning her career in science and healthcare, she transitioned to finance, joining a quant shop where she and her team designed and managed a hedge fund used by family offices nationwide.

Gina Sanchez, Chief Market Strategist

A regular CNBC contributor, Sanchez is recognized globally for her market prowess and knowledge across traditional, alternative, and emerging asset classes. Sanchez holds a BA in Economics from Harvard University and a MA in International Policy from Stanford University.

Jenna Glassock, Esq., Trusts and Estates Glassock is the founding attorney of Glassock Law APC, and brings expertise in estate planning, trust administration, and probate to Lido Advisors’ estate planning department. Her skill and creativity in regard to estate and business planning is only matched by her empathy for the client and her drive to create a better outcome.

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