As an innovative wealth management firm, we strive to add value in the areas of estate, tax, and investment management. Our investment management focus is to internally manage, source, and affiliate with a select group of managers and private fund operators that have demonstrated the ability and skill worthy of our asset allocation. A well-diversified investment allocation should contain assets that are truly less correlated to one another.

Clients have all varieties of concerns, objectives, and situations we are uniquely prepared to support, including:
  • Building a portfolio for retirement.
  • Creating wealth transfer and estate management plans.
  • Hedging against market volatility.
  • Financial planning for longevity.
  • Strategies for managing potential health care costs and incapacitation.
  • Life events such as children, divorce, career changes, grandchildren or providing tuition funding for children and grandchildren.
  • Setting up a family foundation or funding a Donor Advised Fund.
  • Social Security analysis and assistance with medical insurance decisions.
  • Lido Advisors also has the capability to manage company 401K plans
We incorporate a myriad of both liquid and non-liquid core, tactical, and alternative strategies including tactical allocations, income strategies, real estate (debt and equity), hedging strategies, and private investments to complement more traditional investments. The end goal is to quantify and measure risk/return, provide predictable cash-flows, and have the ability to position for opportunities when they appear.

The L-MAP, Lido’s Master Allocation Program, provides the structure for long-term investors, regardless of the stage of the economic cycle or the phase in their life. We rely on our in-house analytics team to build processes, create systems, and review our own and third-party research.

L-MAP incorporates Alternative, Core, and Tactical strategies that focus on achieving consistent cash flow, volatility management, and long-term growth strategies. Our goal is to be opportunistic and risk-aware when appropriate.

A well-diversified investment allocation is multifaceted.