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Market Update October 2018- Markets are moving… finally!

10/19/2018 • Newsletters

Published 10.10.2018 The move in the long end of the yield curve is significant by our measure. It signifies future growth and an end to the decade of cheap money or future inflation and a decade of high margins. Within stocks, we remain convinced that the rotation to value is upon us. The stock market had been […]

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Market Update September 2018- Tax Stimulus has done its job, now what?

10/16/2018 • Newsletters

Published 9.09.2018 Tax Stimulus has done its job, now what? We see year-over-year earnings comparisons becoming an issue in 2019 as compared to such strong 2018 earnings numbers for US earnings as European equities could start to make a comeback. As investors look beyond the tax stimulus, valuations will come into focus. We see economic growth struggling […]

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