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Monthly Market Update: November 2017

Published 11.8.2017 Introduction Congress makes further progress on tax reform: By passing the budget through the reconciliation process, the House of Representatives can simply adopt the Senate budget version, which currently calls for $1.5 trillion in tax cuts. Despite this

Mid Month Market Update: October 2017

Published 10.24.2017 Canary in a Coal Mine Brendan Van Cleve Director, Lido Advisors, LLC; Director, Wealth Management, Ken Stern & Associates The White House recently released an outline to reform personal and corporate income taxes [1].  The overarching goal of

Monthly Market Update: October 2017

Published 10.6.2017 Introduction US Stocks continue to post gains, but a subtle shift from growth back to value could be a canary in a coal mine: Multiples remain stubbornly high with expectations that the recovery will be long and strong,

Whitepaper: Cryptocurrency Craze!

“Cryptocurrency Craze!” Written By: Jeff Garden, CFA® | Senior Research Analyst & Portfolio Manager With the rise of cryptocurrencies comes a lot questions.  Jeff Garden breaks down what exactly cryptocurrencies are, considerations for this new form of digital money, who the

Mid Month Market Update: September 2017

Published 9.13.2017 The Equifax Data Breach: Options you Should Consider Now to Protect Yourself News reports indicate that credit monitoring company Equifax was hacked recently. Reports vary as to how many people were affected and how much data was stolen.

Monthly Market Update: September 2017

Published 9.7.2017 Introduction Equity markets have diverged into those that have peaked and those that can keep on going: The US and UK are showing signs of peaking while Europe, Japan and EM equity show signs of continuing at a

Monthly Market Update: August 2017

Published 8.30.2017 The Fall and The Markets- Steps to Take As we move into fall, there are several areas in the market that warrant both a pause and further consideration. Regardless of political affiliation, the challenges facing the President of

Monthly Market Update: July 2017

july 2017 market update lido

Published 8.10.2017 Introduction The fundamental recovery in earnings has made the rally bulletproof against Washington drama for now: Sales and earnings continue to recover globally, but none more strongly than in the US where the data has been very robust.

Gregory Kushner to speak at a Financial Services Roundtable

Please join Greg Kushner, Senior Managing Director and Chairman of Lido Advisors, LLC, as well as an exclusive group of your peers for appetizers, beverages, and engaging conversation sponsored by CohnReznick.  Together, the panel members will discuss: Leveraging Debt Funds:

Pepperdine Certificate in Financial Management for the Family Office

  Please join us for the Certificate in Financial Management for the Family Office- Professional Competencies: Your Toolbox for Working with Legacy Families from June 19-21, 2017 at Pepperdine University. Alyssa Weinberger and Gregory Kushner will be speaking.